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CBD For Pet, Animals, Review

It isn’t just CBD oil for humans that is taking off at the moment, this type of remedy is becoming quite popular for pets as well. CBDPet is leading the charge for pet-related CBD oil products. It is one of the few companies that set high standards for all its products, ensuring top-notch quality. To see if the CBD oil products from this company are suitable for your pup or kitty, check out this in-depth review here:

The Safety Precautions
It is important to keep in mind that quality matters just as much for your furry friend as it does for you. This is why it is imperative to only ever select hemp that has been sourced well. After all, hemp plants are what are known as bio-accumulators. This means that they will readily absorb and soak up whatever is in and around their environment.

Thus, if the hemp is grown in pesticide-laden soil or in a polluted area, these toxic substances will find their way into the plant. By extension, it will also be included in the CBD oil that you will give your pet. Fortunately, CBDPet understands this, which is why they only use certified non-GMO organic hemp grown in Colorado. As a result, you can be quite certain that the hemp – and the resulting CBD oil – are free from pesticides, herbicides, and more. Arguably, it can be a little difficult to simply take the company’s word for it. The good news for you and your pet, though, is that the CBDPet products are tested by a third party agency. The agency in question tests for pesticide as well as any other microbiological components as well. This is a practice carried out for all of their products, ensuring your pet’s complete safety. You should know that the CBD oil produced by this company is considered as full-spectrum. Therefore, it contains a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. So, what does this mean for your pet? It ensures that this CBD oil has greater efficacy than many others.

See, a number of experts believe that full-spectrum CBD oil can be more beneficial than regular CBD oil. Since there are more useful components included, this increases the chance of the oil being able to treat even more ailments. So, you just may discover that this oil can help out your cat or dog to a greater extent.

How Is It Made?
The next factor to be concerned about with CBD oils is the manufacturing process. There are quite a few methods that can produce CBD oil but not all of them are trustworthy. Certain procedures use dangerous substances that may actually end up harming your pet in the long run.
This isn’t the case with CBDPet, however. Instead, they use a process known as the C02 extraction method. Rather than relying on chemicals, this approach uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant. Due to this, there will be no other synthetic or harmful substances added to the oil.

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Another reason that the C02 extraction method is so useful is that it allows the manufacturer to be selective about the ingredients that are extracted. This increases the chance of your pup or kitty ending up with a higher grade of CBD oil. It also ensures that virtually no THC makes its way into this CBD oil. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about any psychoactive, “high”, or addictive features of the product. It only contains cannabinoids to help your pet.

Now, how can you tell that the CBD oil is of better quality? Well, once again, this is thanks to that third party testing procedure. CBDPet also insists on cannabinoid profiling, terpene analysis, and residual solvent testing. So, you will always know exactly what the CBD oil contains.
The C02 extraction method tends to be a more expensive procedure since it requires sophisticated equipment. The fact that CBDPet makes an effort to solely rely on this process alone is a great sign. It means that they truly care about the quality of products that they are producing for your pets.

Product Range
CBDPet has just one product – Hemp 100. It is a 2-ounce bottle that delivers 3.3mg of CBD for each daily serving. The company recommends that you give your dogs and cats just ½ a dropper of CBD oil for the entire day. This is for every 10lbs of body weight. It can be administered twice a day.

You may want to lessen this dose if your pet is particularly small or sensitive to new substances. For pets that weigh less than 6lbs, you will need to start with just ½ a dropper of CBD oil once a day. Depending on the reaction, you may be able to increase this dose but only if it is necessary.
It is always best to start with the lowest possible dose and to only work your way up if that particular dose isn’t working. While it is unlikely that your pet can overdose on CBDPet oil, a higher dose can increase the chances of side-effects. So, you should always proceed with caution. The CBD oil can be given to your cats or dogs as is or it can be added to their food or water.
Now, it is disappointing that CBDPet has just one product for pets. This is especially saddening considering there are other companies on the market that offer a greater variety. Not to mention, trying to give your cat or dog the right dosage isn’t the easiest thing to manage. Note that since this is pure CBD oil, the flavor will be rather noticeable. As such, your pets may not want to consume it by itself.

Do the Oils Work?
Of course, the main question is whether or not the CBD oil will work for your pet. Well, as mentioned, this is a high-grade CBD oil that can be readily absorbed by the cannabinoid receptors found in both cats and dogs. Due to this, it stands to reason that CBDPet CBD oil would have a positive impact on your pet.

There is also the fact that this company has received numerous rave reviews regarding their product. Many pet owners have used this CBD oil to treat or reduce a multitude of medical conditions. These positive testimonials do support the fact that this CBD oil will work for your pet.
According to CBDPet, some of the ailments that CBD oil could help with include mood and anxiety issues. It can also reduce the severity and pain of hip dysplasia, arthritis, and inflammation. The oil may also be able to induce appetite among pickier eaters as well.
So, what if it doesn’t? You are covered in the event that you notice no effect in your pet. This is because CBDPet has a 90-day money back guarantee. Send back the product within the designated time period and your investment will be refunded. Best of all, this guarantee is unconditional. You don’t need to jump through any hurdles to get your money back.

Side Effects
You should remember that although cats and dogs have cannabinoid receptors, they are different from those found in humans. So, depending on your pet’s breed, size, and sensitivity, there is a chance of them developing side effects. These, however, typically only show up when you give your pet a higher dose than needed.

One of the main side effects may be sleepiness or drowsiness. If this is something that you observe, you may want to lower the dose or discontinue it completely. If you accidentally give your pet too much CBD oil, this may result in regurgitation.

These side effects, however, are more to do with CBD oil itself rather than the oil that is produced by CBDPet. So, in the unlikely event that your cat or dog does experience such symptoms, it is probably to do with their aversion to CBD oils in general.

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Usage in Other Pets
You may have noticed that most of the advice here is directed towards cats and dogs. This is because the research conducted with CBD oil for animals has largely been focused on these particular household pets. That being said, according to CBDPet, it should work for other animals as well.

Since CBD oil has been found to be harmless, it should work with other kinds of pets too. As you can imagine, though, you should proceed with caution. Always start with the lowest dose possible, keeping your pet’s size in mind.

Can CBDPet Products Be Used By Humans?
Interestingly enough, the answer to this question is yes. After all, the CBD oil that is produced by CBDPet is held to the same high standards for oils made specifically for humans. So, technically, you can use it to treat yourself as well as your pet. Since there isn’t any real range of products, however, you may find that CBDPet options are lacking for you.

Customer Support Standards
The only real way to get in touch with the CBDPet directly is to send them an email. Fortunately, the company does respond rather rapidly and you should get an answer to your query quite fast. Also, the company has provided a return address that you can use, should you want to send your product back.

Where Can You Buy CBDPet Products?
There are a few online stores that carry CBDPet products. Nevertheless, it is probably best to make a purchase directly from the main, CBDPet website. You can then be absolutely certain that you are purchasing a product that is genuine and safe for your pet.
You can make payments via most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The payment process is fairly simple and you will find that your order is handled quickly, allowing you to get your package even faster. It should be noted that the charge that appears on your credit card will be as “Nutra Pure”.

Shipping and Delivery
Currently, CBDPet delivers to the United States alone and does not allow international shipping. At last check, they didn’t deliver to Arkansas, Kansas, and Louisiana. However, if you contact the company directly, you may find that their policies have changed since then, depending on the legal situation.

CBDPet uses the US postal service to deliver their products to you. The good news is that you do get to choose between regular delivery and priority mail. So, if you do need the CBD oil to reach you sooner, it is simply a matter of paying extra for the delivery upgrade.
What’s great about this company is that they work incredibly quickly to get your CBD oil to you. This is why all of your orders are processed and shipped out within one business day. To add to this, you can also expect the package to reach you within three to seven business days.

Pros and Cons of CBDPet
Here is a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages of CBDPet and its products.
• Excellent standards
• High-quality manufacturing
• Third party testing
• 90-day money back guarantee
• Effective results
• Limited product range
• Doesn’t deliver to some states
The Final Verdict
What is the final judgment for CBDPet? There is no denying that this is a high-quality product that is completely safe for your furry friends. The company holds itself to incredibly high standards and evidence of this can be backed up with third-party testing. While there is just a singular product available with this brand, at least you can have peace of mind knowing that it is one of the best and safest CBD oils on the market.
If you are considering giving your pet CBD oil, then CBDPet is definitely the right company for you. You can have your product quickly and efficiently delivered to your home so that you could start treating your pet right away. The purity of the oil suggests that you would be able to see the positive results fairly quickly to boot.


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